The painting of a portrait is a captivating process because of my infinite fascination with the human face and its ability to illustrate a person’s spirit.  In my opinion, there exists a great difference between a photographic portrait and a painted portrait.  A mere photo shows everything the lens blindly registers.  I portray on paper or canvas the personality which I perceive and the likeness not only in appearance but in inner radiance as well.  In each person I see someone worth painting.

I have two categories of portraits.  One is the everyday portrait, one that captures the person in the motion of their daily life.  It can be anyone: adults, children, pets even!  The second category is official portraits.  These portraits must convey through careful arrangement the profession and legacy of the person.  These portraits are more expensive since they require more effort and time as they are more complicated.

I try to meet with the subject of the portrait at a convenient location for both to discuss their desires for the portrait.  Usually, it is then that a photo session occurs.  It is also important for me to receive additional information about the subject, such as interests and hobbies.  If you have a favorite picture, I can base the portrait off of it.  Additional pictures are also very helpful.